Brodheadsville Vet Express

Home Delivery and Pick-Up Service
In hopes of making your life easier in spite of the crazy world we live in, we are thrilled to announce a new service. Introducing our new home delivery and pick-up service, Brodheadsville Vet Express!

Brodheadsville Vet Express is a free delivery service for prescription medications and supplements.

All other deliveries and pick-ups only have a $5 delivery service fee!

Deliveries consist of: medications, supplements, cat or small dog drop off after an exam, pet remains & paw prints.

Pick-ups consist of: lab samples (fecal, urine, ear swabs), cat or small dog pick-ups for an exam, deceased pets.

Rules/Fine Print:

  • Service requests are for established clients only.
  • Clients requesting service must have a delivery/pick-up address within a 20-minute driving distance from the clinic. Distance will be verified before service is confirmed.
  • All services require prepayment in addition to the $5 service fee. This applies to lab tests, cremation services, and exams.
  • All patients for pick-up/drop off appointments must be placed in a carrier by the client prior to arrival to your house. You will need to place your pet in the back of the car yourself.
  • The BV Express car is driven by a pet-loving Brodheadsville Vet employee. The car is equipped with a dash camera for safety reasons.

Please complete the form below to request service.

Service Request Form

Please verify the information you’ve entered is correct and complete before submitting.

Please verify the information you’ve entered above is correct and complete before submitting.

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