Adult Cats and Dogs

Adult cats and dogs have different needs than puppies and kittens. At Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, our staff can help you establish and maintain healthy practices.


After the initial well kitten and well puppy visits, adult dogs and cats should have yearly veterinary exams. Adult dog and cat examinations involve:

  • Physical examination—Our veterinarians will check your dog or cat from nose to tail, assuring his or her eyes, ears, teeth, skin, fur, muscles, joints, heart, and lungs all look and sound as they should.
  • Blood work—A blood sample will be taken and checked for proper blood chemistry levels, proper organ functioning, and, for dogs, a Lyme disease and heartworm screen will be conducted.
  • Parasite screening—A fecal sample will be run to check for intestinal worms. Dogs and cats easily become infected with a variety of different intestinal worms. Having your pet screened through a fecal sample each year allows the veterinarians at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic to detect and treat any infestations before they can have an adverse affect on your pet’s health.
  • Vaccinations—Both dogs and cats have vaccinations that need to be done on a yearly basis and some vaccinations that can be done less frequently. Staying current on vaccinations can prevent your pet from contracting illnesses that can shorten his or her life or greatly decrease quality of life.

Parasite Prevention—throughout the year, keeping your pet free from fleas and ticks will help protect him or her from disease as well as from discomfort and the depletion of nutrients.


After dogs and cats reach one year of age, they are ready to be on a quality adult pet food. Consult with our veterinarians on the pet food that will be most beneficial for your pet.


Just like humans, pets benefit from regular exercise. From walks to playing fetch and chasing cat toys, making sure your pet has regular time to exercise and play will keep his or her heart, lungs, and muscles in great shape and will allow your pet to work off excess energy. For dogs, exercise can also help them be more relaxed and obedient.

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Adults Cats and Dogs