Digital X-Ray

Because Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic is equipped with the latest in imaging technology, we can provide our patients with accurate and speedy diagnosis and treatment for a variety of medical issues.

With the advances in digital X-ray technology, we can now manipulate the digital images that we take off a pet’s systems. This has allowed us to detect hairline fractures and orthopedic conditions that were previously not visible. Because the X-rays are digital, we can also almost immediately share the images with specialists who consult with us on difficult cases. We routinely share X-rays with our board-certified surgeon and we are able to burn CDs of the images for our clients to take as part of their own records on their pets’ health.

Digital X-rays are routinely used to diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, arthritis, masses, and tumors. We use digital X-rays to also confirm pregnancies or detect ingested objects.

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