General Surgery

At Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, we can perform almost any surgery your cat or your dog could need. This includes, among others:


We believe in the importance of neutering or spaying cats and dogs of any age. Ideally done early in life, this safe surgery can provide them with a long and healthy life.

Spaying your female cat or dog will reduce problems such as: pyometra (deadly infection of the uterus); breast tumors (benign or cancerous); the pet overpopulation and massive euthanasia of unwanted strays.

Neutering your male cat or dog will reduce problems such as: testicular cancer, some diseases of the prostate, unwanted behaviors such as dominance aggression, marking territory and wandering. Pets who wander are much more likely to get hit by a car.

Spayed and neutered pets live a healthier and longer life!


Pets, especially as they age, tend to grow masses in or under the skin. We recommend removing them while they are small, simply because surgery will be less invasive.


We can perform many belly surgeries, including removing a foreign object from the stomach or the intestine (balls, rocks, socks, you name it!), removing the spleen, removing masses (tumors) etc.


We also work with a board-certified surgeon who handles more complicated and orthopedic surgeries. Click here for more information on specialized surgery.


Our state of the art OR has equipment similar to what is used at human hospitals. A dedicated nurse will monitor your pet during the entire surgery to ensure a safe anesthesia.

We monitor your pet’s oxygen level, heart rate, EKG, temperature, CO2 level and blood pressure.

Once the surgery is over, a nurse will stay with your pet to ensure a smooth recovery and provide some TLC.

Question? Send us a message and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

General Surgery