Comprehensive Pet Care

Ensuring your pet’s good health involves vigilance on several fronts. Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic will work with you to assure your dog or cat has the best care available.

  • Puppies and kittens—When should the newest member of your family visit the vet? What vaccines does he or she need? Should you plan on neutering your pet or is it better not to? What steps can you take to make sure your home environment is pet proof and a safe environment? Visit this page of our website to read up on starting your puppy or kitten off right.
  • Adult cats and dogs—Which vaccinations should your pet have? How often should he or she see the vet? What kinds of parasites do you need to be concerned with? What about protecting your pet from Lyme disease and heartworm? Visit this page of our website to read up on caring for the adult dog or cat.
  • Senior pets—When is your dog or cat considered a senior? How does care for seniors differ from when they were young? What changes in their health and care should you expect? Is there anything you can do to prolong their life and quality of life? Visit this page of our website to read up on the unique needs of senior pets.
  • Pet vaccinations—What vaccinations does your dog or cat get? How frequently do they get the vaccinations? What does each vaccination prevent? Should your dog or cat get all of the vaccinations? Are there some that they don’t need? This information and more can be found on this page of our website.
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention—How do you keep your pet free from fleas and ticks? Why is it important to prevent flea and tick infestations? What is heartworm and why should you prevent it? This page of our website will answer these questions and more.
  • Pet microchips—What is a microchip, and why should you have your pet microchipped? When is the best time to have a pet microchipped? How is the microchip implanted? All these questions and more information can be found on this page of our website.
  • Pocket pets & Exotics —With the addition of Dr. Stephanie Goldstein, we are happy to see pocket pets and exotics at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Goldstein sees rabbits, skunks, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, rats and mice. She also sees mini pigs -up to 40lbs. Reptiles she sees include: geckos and bearded dragons. Anything else will be determined on a case by case basis, so please give us a call!

At Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, we want to equip you to offer the best information to help you care for your pet. We are here to answer your questions.

Question? Send us a message and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible.