Pet Preventive Health

Having pets run, play, and participate in all the activities of their families as they grow, change, and mature is the picture of a full life. Pet preventive health care can maximize the fullness of that life both in terms of what your pet can do and for how long.

At Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, we offer our services for keeping your pet living life to its fullest. Some of our recommendations include:

  • Annual physical exams—Because pets age faster than humans, their bodies change and their needs differ as they enter different life stages. Many of our younger patients have annual exams, but for aging pets or those who have medical conditions, we recommend exams every six months.
  • Vaccinations—While dogs and cats have some of the same vaccinations like rabies and distemper, they also have different vaccination needs based on the diseases that can affect their species. Our veterinarians will work with you to set up a comprehensive vaccination schedule to protect your pet.
  • Pet dental care—Similar to humans, pets need to have regular dental care both at home and at the veterinary office. The staff at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic will assess the condition of your pet’s teeth and will help you maintain excellent dental health.
  • Annual parasite screenings and prevention—Each year, we recommend that pets are checked for intestinal worms and dogs are tested for heartworm. In our region, we have seen an increase in heartworm cases due to pets from southern climates being moved northward. Both dogs and cats need to be on heartworm prevention year-round.
  • Flea and tick prevention—Ridding a pet and home from fleas can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and can be nearly impossible to get rid of as flea eggs can survive for a very long time. So, preventing flea infestations is both the best and most cost-effective measure. Similarly, ticks can carry a number of different diseases that affect dogs and cats, can be very damaging to a pet’s health, and can be very costly to treat. The staff at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic will work with you to set up the best flea and tick preventive plan for your pets.
  • Annual blood work—Basic blood chemistry checks can give early indications of pet issues. It is easy to miss or misinterpret subtle changes in pet behavior, but changes in blood chemistry can give a much clearer picture of how healthy a pet truly is.
  • Spaying/neutering—Spaying or neutering your pet will not only prevent unwanted litters, but will also prevent more serious pet health issues as they age. Our surgical room is equipped with advanced monitoring technology. We recommend that pets are spayed or neutered at six months of age.
  • Senior pet care—Pet health needs change as your pet ages. For this stage of life, we recommend semi-annual physical exams to assure we remain tuned-in to any changes in health and so that we can detect any early warning signs before they have a chance to become bigger issues.

No matter the situation, Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic is here to partner with you in extending your pet’s fullness of life. Schedule an appointment with a member of our experienced staff today to discuss pet preventive health plans for your pet.

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Pet Preventive Health