Please Note: Due to the pandemic, our business hours are now
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 8am-3pm

At this time, please CALL US to book an appointment.

BVC’s top priority right now is the safety of our team, doctors and our clients. In order to continue offering our services and to keep within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines regarding the transmission of COVID-19, we are making the following changes to our client protocol today and lasting for as long as the recommendations are in place.

1 – We request all clients showing any symptoms of illness that can be associated with COVID-19 remain at home and not bring their pet to the clinic.

2 – We are asking clients not to enter the building. (We are also not allowing any non-staff members such as delivery persons and pharmacy representatives to not enter the building).

Starting Tuesday, March 17, Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic will not be permitting any clients to enter the facility directly.
To minimize client’s and staff member’s likelihood of exposure, we now offer white glove service pick up and drop off for all appointments.

When you arrive at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, please call (570) 992-6900 and inform the staff of your name and pet’s name and what you are here for (an appointment vs. medication refill). Please also let them know the make/color of your car.

3 – For White Glove standard exams/appointments:

  • Please fill out the “Appointment Intake Form” prior to your appointment.
  • Please remain in your vehicle.
  • A staff member will come out to the side entrance of the facility to place a leash on your pet (if a dog) and take the pet to an exam room or the treatment area.
    • NOTE: Please hold all questions until you receive a phone call from the medical team.
  • The veterinarian and technician will contact you on the number provided throughout the exam to discuss and concerns you may have, diagnostics, treatments, estimates, medications, or other information involved in the appointment.
  • At the end of the appointment, a client service representative will collect a method of payment and the technician will return your pet directly to your car.

4 – For White Glove Surgical Admission and Discharge:

  • Please call (570) 992-6900 from the parking lot upon arrival. A technician will come to your vehicle, go over the procedure, answer any questions you may have and present the consent form and estimate for signing. The pre-payment for surgery will also be taken at this time, or via phone after your pet has been admitted.

5 – For Medication Refills

  • Medication may be requested through our Online Pharmacy.
  • Please call our office at (570) 992-6900 when you arrive to pick-up the medication, a staff member will collect payment over the phone and bring the medication out to your car.

6 – Telemedicine Services

We now offer Telemedicine! We partnered with TeleVet to provide vet care virtually. Click here to learn more and get started. 

We strive to offer the same great service while minimizing risk for all parties at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic